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Our Values

Through service excellence

Safety first in all our engagements, to ensure zero harm is done to people,environment and property.

Continuous Improvement:
Always improving to meet and exceed our customer,legal and statutory requirements and expectations.


As a market leader in Uganda, Petroleum & Industrial Services, PIS, Is committed to providing efficient and effective corrective and preventive
maintenance to customers having signed a global maintenance contract and for all their equipment on retail and commercial outlets under such a contract. This is to ensure customers’ satisfaction by minimizing downtime on the equipment and allow customers to maximise on sales.

This shall be achieved by:

  • Providing maintenance services that comply with customer, statutory and regulatory requirement.
  • Improving continually the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by operating in accordance with international standards.
  • Setting and reviewing quality objectives to achieve total customer satisfaction.


Petroleum and Industrial Services is committed towards implementing the best practices and achieving the highest standards in Health Safety and Environmental management. In this regard P.I.S will undertake its activities in a manner that:

Highly prioritises the protection of human health and safety and environment by ensuring that they are integral to, and a priority in all our operations.

  • Positively promotes a safety culture and environmental awareness throughout the organisation at all levels by creating a sense of personal responsibility and accountability in its personnel.
  • Continually monitors, records and improves on safe work practice with an aim of minimising their impact on the organization and the environment.
  • Facilitates continual learning from experience both our own and that of others.
  • Complies with the relevant statutory regulations, and the expectations of its stakeholders who include customers, suppliers and the industry’s regulatory bodies.

The above shall be achieved by:
• Developing and maintaining proper and safe procedures and records for reporting incidents.
• Setting and reviewing HSE objectives and targets.
• Providing for verifiability of this policy by conducting regular safety audits.
• Providing regular training to staff members so that they may understand and implement this policy.
• Providing a budget for HSE actions and improvements.
• Providing and maintaining a good and safe working environment for employees.
• Allowing and promoting discussion within the Company in order to improve continually the conditions of work for the employees.
• Maintaining dialogue with stakeholders and the community on Health and Safety Environment.
Ravi B. VORA
Managing Director

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