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Tatsuno Fuel Pumps and Dispenser

Tatsuno Corporation of Japan was founded in 1911 and is involved in the manufacture of equipment for the petroleum industry including construction of fuel stations and depots

Tatsuno Corporation of Japan is one of the world’s major fuel dispensing pump manufacturer with over 100 years of experience.

Tatsuno Corporation has installations worldwide and production facilities in seven countries namely Tatsuno India Private Limited, Korea Tatsono Company Limited, Tatsuno Europe (Czech), Tatsuno Russia, Tatsuno Engineering & Service Malaysia, Tatsuno Engineering & Service Thailand and Shanhai Tatsuno Corporation (China).

Tatsuno systems and services enable businesses to run more efficiently with the lowest total cost of ownership hence creating value to customers.

Tatsuno products have very high consistent measuring accuracy,low Total Cost of Ownership and very high Mean Time Between Failures when compared against competing brands.

Why Tatsuno

  • Manufacturer Warranty
  • Spares Availability
  • After Sales Service
  • Measuring accuracy
  • Lead Time on availability

Tatsuno Sunny XE  

Product Features

  • Excellent measuring accuracy because of reliable high-precision Tatsuno meter.
  • Reduced breakdown – high Mean Time between Failures (MTBF).
  • Eco power feature turns off the power to save energy when the pump is not in use
  • 26 Keys on the keypad including 10 keys for express preset of volume and amount
  • Advanced pulsar to detect malpractice related to fraud transactions.
  • Large numbers of operational logs available in memory

Download Catalogue Sunny-XE


Tatsuno Sunny GII  

Tatsuno Sunny GII Fuel Pump/Dispenser 1 Product 2 Hose Tatsuno Sunny GII Fuel Pump/Dispenser 1 Product 2 Hose
Tatsuno Sunny GII Fuel Pump/Dispenser 2 Product 2 Hose Tatsuno Sunny GII Fuel Pump/Dispenser 2 Product 2 Hose
Tatsuno Sunny GII Fuel Pump/Dispenser 1 Product 2 Hose Tatsuno Sunny GII Fuel Pump/Dispenser 1 Product 2 Hose

Product Features

  • Meets OIML standards and achieving optimum balance of excellent performance economically.
  • Compact body fits into narrow spaces.
  • Equipped with reliable,high-precision Tatsuno pump/meter
  • Long-lasting, A fine display uses high-visibility LED backlight
  • Equipped with user-friendly preset keypad.
  • Secure, password-protected registration.
  • Standard-equipped with over-voltage protector (OVP) to protect electrical device from high voltage.

Download Catalogue Sunny-GII



Airtec Corporation (Asia) is involved in the design, development and manufacture of digital inflation equipment, servicing many markets including automotive, aviation, military, mining, retail petroleum, transport and motorsport.

Airtec® products are manufactured at the head office in Singapore to ISO quality standards

89XDA Heavy Duty Digital Tyre Inflator (Wall Mounted)

Airtec XDA

Product Features

  • Fast and accurate digital inflation up to 180 psi / 12.4 bar
  • Diecast aluminium enclosure with stainless steel buttons
  • Weatherproof
  • Heavy duty and ideal any indoor or outdoor location, including retail petroleum forecourts, service centres, transport yards etc…
  • Inbuilt automatic LED backlight
  • Pressure units in PSI, kPa , Bar and kg/cm³

Download Catalogue 89XDA


NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. offers a full range of pipes and fittings produced using the most modern thermoplastic materials.


SMARTFLEX™ is a complete multi-layer piping system manufactured by NUPI Industrie Italiane S.p.A. for the transfer of automotive and aviation fuels, biofuels and hazardous fluids.The key materials employed in the production of SMARTFLEX is high-density polyethylene HDPE – PE100 – a material with high durability and working benefits to the user. Moreover, HDPE can be a more cost-effective solution than more traditional materials such as metal.The pipes and fittings dimensions are F50, F63, F90 and F110 and are available in flexible coils of 75m and straight coils of 6m.

SMARTFLEX™ has a vast range of pipes and fittings including:

  • Single-wall lined pipes for both product lines and vent/vapour and filling lines
  • Double-wall lined pipes for more demanding containment and monitoring requirements
  • A full range of electro-fusion fittings for safe, corrosion-proof joints
  • Spigot and riser fittings
  • Mechanical fittings
  • Flexible and electrofusion entry boots for positive sealing of sumps
  • Leak monitoring systems
  • HDPE tank sumps and dispenser sumps
  • Welding units and tooling


Main Features

    • Single and double wall configuration
    • Complete range of electro-fusion single wall and double wall fittings, mechanical, spigot and transition fittings
    • Real time monitoring and containment
    • Complete range of entry and terminating boots
    • High impact resistance
    • Excellent resistance to corrosion
    • Excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, saline, acid and alkaline solutions and environments
    • Outstanding long-term resistance to pressure
    • Minimal head losses
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Excellent resilience
    • Comprehensive range of assembly tools and equipment
    • Barcode technology for ease and accuracy of welding during installation allowing for full traceability

Typical Applications
The most common applications for SMARTFLEX pipes and fittings, both in suction and pressure installations, are as follows:

  • Road and motorway service stations
  • Harbour and marine service stations (Marinas)
  • Fuel distribution in airports
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Generator connections to fuel tanks


Bever Innovations is a dutch manufacturer of LED solutions focusing on petrol stations.
Products include; LED under Canopy Illumination, LED Price Displays, LED Contour Illumination and LED Shop Illumination.

Advantages of LED lights over metal halide equivalents

  • Energy cost savings (less wattage)
  • Dimmable
  • White light (app. 5650K)
  • Long life span of up to 20 years
  • Safety – less working on heights
  • Less insects no UV light

I-Catcher LED Price Display

High quality LED price displays for petrol station price signs High readability in direct sunlight Uses most advanced LED technology
  • High quality LED price displays for petrol station price signs
  • High readability in direct sunlight
  • Uses most advanced LED technology
  • Constant current driven (@20mA max)
  • Simple, reliable and easy installation in new or existing signs
  • 7 segment, multi segment or full graphics font alternatives
  • Cable and wireless controls
  • Manual or automated price change options
  • 3 year standard warranty (Life Span > 80.000 hours ~ 8-9 years)
  • Elliptical viewing angle (vertical wide 100°, 40° horizontal)



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